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Nicole Drinkwater

Creative Director // Foodie // Runner // Dog Mom

When I was little, I named all my stuffed animals after their color and creature type. For example, a purple snake was aptly named Purple the Snake Snake (yes, there were two "snakes" in case you weren't sure it was a snake upon first look). I've always been a fan of clarity and simplicity, I suppose.

Fortunately, my naming skills have improved through the years. My two Bearded Collies are named  Moose and Kevin (though I would have enjoyed introducing them as Brownie the Dog Dog and Gray Spot the Dog Dog and making sure people call them by their full, proper names).  When I'm not getting my Creative Director on, I'm usually going on nice walks with the dogs, playing with my daughter, baking and decorating cakes, attempting my latest DIY house renovation, or exploring new coffee shops, wineries, breweries and running routes.

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