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Girl Be Heard

Pro-bono Campaign

Branding, Website, Video, Posters

The Challenge: Project Girl Performance Collection is an empowering, all-girls theater group dedicated to spreading awareness about the issues affecting girls around the world. They create and perform shows that are honest, raw, and truly inspiring, but their branding was all over the place. They needed a consistent look and feel in order to get their message out into the world. 

The Solution: We rebranded Project Girl Performance Collective as Girl Be Heard and gave them the look and feel they needed to match their powerful attitude. We designed a logo, built out a website, and created posters and PSAs to showcase their talents, spread their message and help girls everywhere be heard. Because Girl Be Heard is all about giving young women a voice, the girls became consultants for campaign, helping us craft content that helped tell their stories. 

A new website helped each girl tell her story and became a hub for information and ticket sales.

Girl Be Heard Comp.jpg