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Capital One

SXSW Campaign

Experiential, Social

The Challenge: What happens when a finance brand wants to become a tech brand? That was the challenge we faced when Capital One told us they wanted to build up their credibility in the world of tech. They partnered with SXSW to host a weekend filled with experiences, product launches, thought leadership talks and music entertainment. Our mission was to leverage the power of social media to build hype for their partnership, drive people to the Capital One SXSW experience, position the brand as leaders in tech and create brand love throughout SXSW and beyond. 

The Solution: The Beta Brave platform was created to showcase how Capital One constantly researches, develops and evolves the financial space through technology. An integrated social campaign amplified this message and Capital One's presence at SXSW, bringing both to life through influencer partnerships,

brand-defining experiences, live streams, contests and cultural content. The results? Social content received millions of impressions and organic engagement, Capital One's thought leadership series was standing-room-only and lines for each experience extended around the block. 

We launched with an interactive Facebook canvas showcasing everything going on at Capital One House during SXSW. Users swipe, scroll, mix and match to see what is going on each day and night.


Full canvas

We invited a national audience to get a taste of SXSW by partnering with influencer, Jessica Chobot. She hosted a 360 tour of Capital One House on Facebook and live-streamed some of our most interesting tech talks and panels to her social following. 


Interactive content took over Capital One’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels every day. Over 40 pieces of content were created.


Capital One hosted musical talent each night. Headliners were announced through projections on the wall at Capital One House and filmed for social. Lines for access were out the door.

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