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Gillette Venus

Myth Busting Content

Digital Videos, Articles, Infographics

The Challenge: Girls have a lot of questions about hair removal. Is waxing better than shaving? Does hair really grow back thicker and darker? As the leader in the shaving category, Venus wanted to be the go-to source for girls to get all the facts they needed, but to do so, they had to be relatable and entertaining. 

The Solution: We created short, sweet, graphic and digestible content to grab girls' attention and debunk myths about shaving, all while positioning Venus as the best option for her hair removal needs. 

Digital Videos

venus myth busting.jpg

End slates on YouTube kept her in our content loop.

Articles and infographics helped dispel myths in a quick, graphic way.

Venus Infographic 1.jpg
Venus Infographic 2.jpg
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