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Herbal Essences

Let Life In Campaign

Print & Search

The Challenge: Herbal Essences is about creating an experience in a bottle. Their new bio:renew product line was created to reflect that. Made with real ingredients, it was a whole new world for Herbal Essences to play in. But in our hectic, fast-paced world, how do you get women to slow down, experience new products and actually take the time to enjoy them? 

The Solution: The Let Life In Campaign reminded women to slow down and savor the little joys in life, including their hair care routine. We brought the new bottles and relaxing scents to life with vibrant botanicals and short yet impactful copy. We didn't want to take up a lot of her time, but we did want her to enjoy every minute she spent with us.


Herbal Essences.png
Herbal Essences.png

Search-based 6 second ads played before relevant YouTube videos, giving her relaxing and refreshing content that showcased the new ingredients. 

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