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You'll Remember The Days Campaign

Print, TV, Digital

The Challenge: Downy was rebranding their scented fabric softener, Downy Simple Pleasures, as Downy Infusions to feel more premium and pop off the shelves. They needed a campaign that alerted Simple Pleasures users to the change while standing out from the clutter.

The Solution: Rather than create a typical laundry-filled campaign, we treated Downy Infusions as if it were a luxurious perfume. Downy Infusions is so lovely, so fresh, you'll remember the days you wear it. Everything felt beautiful, premium and fresh, just like Downy scents.

A TV spot featured an unforgettable day, complete with a cameo by Isaiah Mustafa.

Downy Infusions :30
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Print was as lovely as a perfume ad. 

Downy Infusions.jpg

We cross promoted with other Downy products and took over sites our target was sure to visit.

Downy Infusions.jpg

Downy's website was updated to highlight the new product. Scent descriptions made each bottle of Downy Infusions feel like an unforgettable experience.

Downy Infusions Website
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