Branding, Website, Advertorial (B2B)

The Challenge: Kokomio was a new-to-market brand that had undergone a visual revamp and needed to find a fun, light-hearted, and unique tone of voice to match. Their current communication wasn't consistent and didn't reflect the brand's personality. 

The Solution:  I revamped their communication and marketing materials to have a cohesive tone of voice across all touchpoints.  This included refreshing their entire website, ecomm pages, and B2B marketing materials, giving Kokomio a consistent and unique voice in the beverage space. 



Flavors Page

About Us Page

An advertorial in BevNet Magazine, a publication from the leading beverage-oriented media company, highlighted Kokomio's new look, tone, and feel, and helped tell the brand's story, drawing attention from retailers and investors. 

Kokomio's new marketing campaign earned nominations for BevNet's 2020 Best Of Awards in the Best Marketing Campaign, Best Rising Star, Best Packaging Design, and Best New Products categories. 


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