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It's Healthy 2 Go Campaign

Social & OOH Campaign

The Challenge: Constipation is a common issue, yet it's taboo to talk about. While MiraLAX is the leading doctor-recommended treatment for constipation, the brand floated around the topic and ended up floating in a sea of same old, same old. Even though MiraLAX had long-established cred, its position was heading straight for the toilet. They couldn't seem to gain traction with millennials or keep up with the competition. 

The Solution: I uncovered an insight that wasn't being discussed in the world of laxatives: pooping is good for you. By tapping into that, my team and I transformed the brand with a modern visual identity and tone of voice that normalized the constipation conversation. The "It's Healthy 2 Go" campaign made MiraLAX top-of-mind, the first line of defense, millennials' go-to for going. Sales went through the lid with a total of 1.1 MM impressions. The campaign exceeded the brand's KPIs with twice the ROI. Sales increased by 200%, and ads surpassed the industry benchmark for buying intent. 

Awards: Silver MM+M Award for Use of Social Media

We dissected millennials into three cohorts and created a consumer journey for each: competitive laxative users, fiber users, and travelers. Content was quick and to-the-point, just like the effects of MiraLAX.

We targeted competitive users on YouTube and social. 

Content geared at fiber users compared MiraLAX to fiber-rich foods, positioning the laxative as a quick alternative that works naturally with the water in your body. 

We reached travelers on social and while they were at airports, driving awareness of MiraLAX's

travel-sized to-go packets. 

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