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Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts

Global Campaign

Integrated Campaign, TV, Digital Video, Social

The Challenge: Jumierah hotels are known as a global, luxury travel brand, but in a post-COVID world, luxury is no longer enough to inspire travelers. People want an emotional connection to the world around them and have a new sense of the importance of time. After the pandemic, the affluent traveler, whose time is already their most valuable resource, experienced a new appreciation for how to prioritize their time and make the most of it.  So our challenge became: how do we help Jumierah connect with travelers and make them decide to spend their valuable time with us?

The Solution: Don’t make it about the hotel. Make it about the feeling.  Make it about how it feels to have your impossible dreams turned into unbelievable realities – about what it feels like to live in every luxurious moment. We created a campaign that recognizes the value of time and encourages people to spend it exceptionally well by immersing themselves in moments of luxury that can only come from a Jumeirah hotel, and we did it in a way that translated across multiple countries, audiences, languages and experiences.

This campaign included 10 mini films each targeting a unique Jumeirah offering (from romantic experiences to food to taking advantage of a luxurious staycation). Each video was cut down and resized for various placements and edited for multiple languages.  Striking, emotion-filled visuals juxtaposed with bold supers dramatized what it feels like to let go and be fully immersed in the exceptional world of Jumeirah's hotels, experiences, and unsurpassed hospitality. 

Sunglass Hut 94 Days Contest.jpg
Sunglass Hut 94 Days Contest.jpg

Still imagery was captured dozens of exceptional moments across Jumierah properties and were used for social, banners, and promotional materials.

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