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Brand Refresh

Integrated Campaign, Digital Video, Social, Print, Email & In-Store

The Challenge: Essie began with a strong POV in the marketplace. They were the go-to source for color, but the competition started to imitate Essie’s style to the point where they began to fade into the background of their own playbook. Our challenge was to refresh and modernize the brand without losing what made Essie, Essie.

The Solution: The Obsess with Us campaign gave Essie a new strategic and creative vision that shifted the brand from being one that touted product to one that offered an experience in expression. Visual language paired with our unique wit brought the personality of each shade to life and invited people everywhere to immerse themselves in our wonderful world of color obsession.

We kicked things off with a manifesto and invitation to obsess with us.

Essie Brand Manifesto.png
essie obsess with us.png

Rather than speak in the voice of Essie, the woman, we rebranded assets to focus on bringing out the personality and story  behind each nuanced shade and collection.


fifth avenue.jpg



The first collection, Flying Solo, helped the new campaign take flight in print, video, social, online and in store.
Sunglass Hut 94 Days Contest.jpg


The world is at your fingertips in the new #essieflyingsolo collection. Discover exciting new places in these atmospheric gradient-inspired shades. ✈︎ #obsesswithus

comp and phone_flying solo.png
Koleston Color Concealer4.jpg
flying solo instore.png
flying solo banners.png

Each collection launch had print, digital, social, in store and online assets. We even revamped assets for classic essie shades. (click each to view)

Sunglass Hut 94 Days Contest.jpg

essie introducing our limited-edition #essievalentinesday collection – a loving assortment worth sharing (or keeping all to yourself!) 💋 #obsesswithus 

essie our shade of the week is #gardenvariety, an exotic teal you'll love once and floral. #obsesswithus 

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