2019 Campaign

Print, Social, Digital, Email & In-Store

The Challenge: With a big brand refresh on the horizon for 2020, Essie wanted to make sure the rest of their 2019 advertising work continued to generate excitement.

The Solution: We modernized Essie’s visual identity and tone of voice in a way that elevated the look and feel of their current work while keeping key elements their user base would identify as Essie. In doing so, each 2019 collection was launched in a way that bridged the gap between Essie’s previous work and the bigger refresh to come.

A playful commercial and digital videos featuring Essie’s most popular colors kicked things off.

We minimized copy in print, replacing the first-person tone consumers didn’t quite understand as coming from Essie with a simpler tone that brought out the personality of each shade. Visuals were also simplified while helping to tell the story behind the color.  



More life was injected into Essie’s static social feed with playful gifs and stories.

Digital assets and emails were created for each new collection launch.

The 2019 collections (click each to view)

essie this summer we are getting #tangoedinlove in the #essiesummer2019  collection.

essie meet the new #rockyrose shades - inspired by the earth tones of a blissful canyon adventure, our newest collection is a naturally stunning wonder.


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