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The Hunger Games Campaign

Integrated Campaign, TV, Interactive Digital, In Store

The Challenge: Covergirl was launching its first ever film partnership with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Our mission was to create a fully integrated campaign that paired the two brands together and generated as much excitement for the products as there was for the movie premiere. The kicker? Since this was the first time Covergirl was tackling a partnership like this, the head honchos as P&G gave the brand a tight budget to play with.

The Solution: We used existing Covergirl products to create limited-edition makeup collections to pair with the film and treated the launch as if it were a movie premiere of its own. The initial round of work did so well, we received triple the budget to expand the campaign. Product sold out in minutes. 

Awards: P&G Gold Award for Best Idea, P&G Gold Award for Beauty & Sensibility

We started with a teaser campaign across print, out of home, social and tv.

Covergirl Hunger Games Teaser Print
hunger games teaser comp and phone.jpg

The product lines and makeup looks launched with interactive print ads, including a print spectacular in the September issue of Vogue.

Vogue insert 7.8.13_2_Page_1_edited.jpg
Vogue insert 7.8.13_2_Page_3.jpg
Vogue insert 7.8.13_2_Page_4.jpg

Click to view each ad.

TV highlighted products and drove to the microsite.

hunger games microsite.jpg

The Capitol Beauty Studio microsite was filled with interactive content, quick tips, behind-the-scenes footage and beauty tutorials.

Hunger Games In Store Displays.jpg

In store displays included physical look books and the same interactive feature as the print ads. 

To cap it all off, the Covergirl Hunger Games partnership took over the largest billboard in Times Square.

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