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Gillette Venus

Legs of Our Lives Campaign

Integrated Campaign, Digital Video, Social

The Challenge: Gillette wanted to reach a new audience and become the most loved brand for girls who were just beginning to shave. The problem? No one wants to talk about shaving. It's private, it's kinda gross, and it's straight up boring.  

The Solution: We wanted girls to feel lighter, brighter, hair-free and carefree whenever they were interacting with the brand, so we set out to not just educate them, but entertain them.
  Legs of Our Lives was created as an animated series of short "episodes" starring personified legs and arms who spoke about shaving in a humorous way. Adult humor and drama ensued as the characters strove to YOLO it up, seize the smooth and experiment with waxing (big mistake) and toxic creams (what was she thinking?).

First, we created the characters.

Legs of Our Lives Characters.jpg

Then, like any new show, we generated buzz with a teaser.

Five episodes were released, each targeting a different shaving myth or alternate hair removal method.

The Gillette Venus Instagram was filled with LOOL characters and shareable memes.

LOOL Book_Page_4_edited_edited.jpg

Quick and witty Snapchat ads drove to the series. 

YouTube Info Cards popped up mid-episode to drive purchase while end slates kept her in our content loop.

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